Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why I created my New Group on Facebook

This is a show we did at The Ugly Mug, located: Farmington, Mn

As alot of people know, I love creating art/crafts. I have to admit......I am a starving artist! However, that hasn't stopped me from creating art! Many times I have thought about it many times but have never gave it up or ever will! Like most starving artists, we go the neg. and emotional feeling it comes with!

What stops me from giving up and continue doing art?

All the little voices I hear - so loudly "You can't quite"! Your NOT a quiter!! You're going to succeed! If you quit you will never live your dreams! Giving up only ends dreams! ect....
I also enjoy art too much and would die inside if, I ever stopped making art! Not to mention I have ALOT of money invested in all my art supply's!
Most of the time, I stay positive and that's what really keeps me going :) I love what I do and love being me! After all, isn't what we are really suposed to be doing in life?
Just recently I have been selling quite a few of my creations and making some customer orders:) What a WONDERFUL feeling!

Why I created an online facebook group!
I love connecting with other people with similiar interests. For quite some time I have been thinking about creating a group on Ning. That never happened!
There are a few groups I belong to, where there is no selling/advertising! Which I understand/respect that!
I keep hearing, "Why don't you just create your own group?" Then, one day, I thought "YEAH!" I did :) It's name after my shop (which is located in my home - soon to be open to the public) called, "The Crafty Castle".
I created "The Crafty Castle" (aka TCC) so creative people can connect, advertise, and sell their artwork! It's also for buyers/collectors/window shoppers!
I love to inspire people in many ways! I also love to be inspired!! So, this group is perfect!
TCC has so many nice & talented people. I feel blessed and so happy I created it :)
I want to say thanks to everyone that belongs to TCC and/or has great interest in it! Because without you, there would be no castle.
This is a open group and you can add your friends :!/groups/106709052761801

Today I am living a dream online and it feels WONDERFUL! I love life and everyone it!
Appreciate all the good/little things in life and see good things happen!

Blessed be ~Gypsie

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