Saturday, July 9, 2011

Herbs, Oils, & Candles For Enchanted Candles

Today, I have been working on grinding (with my mortal/pestal) a mixture of magickal herbs and applying my magickal oils to my new Enchanted "LoVe" spell candles.

They are fully loaded and charged with great magick!

What is special about these candles?
They have great magickal & positive energy that are in them! They have been loaded/dress with my herbs from my magickal place & enchanted oils. These oils/herb mixture can be purchased in our shop separtely - for your own use/purposes.

I put great visions/intent in my work just for you! I think we all deserve the best in life and want to help make great magick happen for you :) My family,friends, & customers are very special to me and think we all deserve all the good things in life!

Rose quartz crystal chips also been placed into the candle (mixed in the herbs). My crystals have been charged with the Lunar Full Moon. So, they are very powerful! These stones also have been soaked in distilled water, I placed my shells/stones/beach glass, I got from my very special UK friend, Julia McKenzie. She collected these shells for me & are from Devils Point & Wernbury Beach.

They smell wonderful & look very pretty ;)

Price of Enchanted Love spell candles - 14.00 (additional $3.00 s/h)

These are available for purchase, through Paypal -with this email:

I will be working on protection and other candles soon :) Watch my blog for upcoming candles!

Peace & love ~Gypsie <3

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