Saturday, July 9, 2011

I love my new friends/customers!

I made this special order for a customer, now my lovely friend :)

Here is what Ceane had to say:
My custom-ordered Apache Tears pendant came in today's post! How enchanting!The stones are just the right size for me, and they look as though sprinkled with faerie dust, such is their natural coloration! The piece is at once lacy and magickal-- truly enchanting, and the best part of it are the energies Gypsie Artist infused therein...! I was blown away when I opened my package! Though I fancy myself a word-master, there really are no words that can express my gratitude, my joy, my love for this very special creation infused with so much love and healing power that I can actually FEEL! This woman is a true healer, artiste, and enchantress of the very best kind. She is replete with love! Thank you, Gypsie, and blessings 3X3X3 back to you for your kindness to me!

Thanks so much Ceane! Your order was a real blast to design and add great magick to it as well! I am so glad we connected & now friends!!

Peace & love ~Gypsie <3

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