Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Unique Prayer Art Doll Recycled Bottle

Prayer doll in a bottle - $79.99

This is truely unique! Her head is sculpted out of  paper clay, then handpainted/sealed for protection. Her body is a recycled bottle - then handpainted/sealed. Her arms have been sewn/painted pink with sculpted hands. Her head is removable.
Write down your prayers/dreams and store them inside her. Then, watch the magick begin, as she will help manifest them for you!

Paypal Accepted:

Blessings ~Gypsie <3

Aqua-Marine Bangle Bracelet by Gypsie8Designs

OOAK (one-of-a-kind) bracelet by Gypsie8designs   PRICE: $78.00

The frame of this cuff bracelet was made out of heavy gage stainless still, then wire wrapped with 24 g wire. A mixture of pearls, glass beads (turquoise), and gemstones was wrapped securely on! This was very time consuming and alot of fun!It's for sale: $78.00 an additional, $6.00 s/h Payment can be made through Paypal with this email:

Gothic Necklace by Gypsie8Designs

I made this necklace for a friend! I love the way it tuned out! If you are interested in Gothic Jewelry - please email me @

Why I created my New Group on Facebook

This is a show we did at The Ugly Mug, located: Farmington, Mn

As alot of people know, I love creating art/crafts. I have to admit......I am a starving artist! However, that hasn't stopped me from creating art! Many times I have thought about it many times but have never gave it up or ever will! Like most starving artists, we go the neg. and emotional feeling it comes with!

What stops me from giving up and continue doing art?

All the little voices I hear - so loudly "You can't quite"! Your NOT a quiter!! You're going to succeed! If you quit you will never live your dreams! Giving up only ends dreams! ect....
I also enjoy art too much and would die inside if, I ever stopped making art! Not to mention I have ALOT of money invested in all my art supply's!
Most of the time, I stay positive and that's what really keeps me going :) I love what I do and love being me! After all, isn't what we are really suposed to be doing in life?
Just recently I have been selling quite a few of my creations and making some customer orders:) What a WONDERFUL feeling!

Why I created an online facebook group!
I love connecting with other people with similiar interests. For quite some time I have been thinking about creating a group on Ning. That never happened!
There are a few groups I belong to, where there is no selling/advertising! Which I understand/respect that!
I keep hearing, "Why don't you just create your own group?" Then, one day, I thought "YEAH!" I did :) It's name after my shop (which is located in my home - soon to be open to the public) called, "The Crafty Castle".
I created "The Crafty Castle" (aka TCC) so creative people can connect, advertise, and sell their artwork! It's also for buyers/collectors/window shoppers!
I love to inspire people in many ways! I also love to be inspired!! So, this group is perfect!
TCC has so many nice & talented people. I feel blessed and so happy I created it :)
I want to say thanks to everyone that belongs to TCC and/or has great interest in it! Because without you, there would be no castle.
This is a open group and you can add your friends :!/groups/106709052761801

Today I am living a dream online and it feels WONDERFUL! I love life and everyone it!
Appreciate all the good/little things in life and see good things happen!

Blessed be ~Gypsie

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Getting Ready For A Show

 Cat Earrings $19

 OOAK Vintage Cat Hair Clip $12

 OOAK Vintage Cat Hair Clip $12

 Cat Neckalce $12

OOAK Cat Creations by Gypsie8Designs

I have been working on so items to sell at a cat show. We will be "The Heart of The Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre", July 28th -31  with Samantha Martin and The Amazing Acro-cats.
My daughter and I made jewelry and thought it would be kinda fun to make cat jewelry to sell :) Here are some of our creations.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wearable Jewelry Art by Gypsie8Designs

Last month my daughter and I took a glass class @ The Goddess of Glass, located in Minneapolis, Mn

The left picture is all my glass designs I created in class :) I am so proud of these peices! I think they came out so beautiful/colorful! I decided to make some necklaces with a few of these pendants.

The right side is a picture of one of the necklaces I completed!

I am in heaven and love working with glass! I love of about creating it's like having a blank canvas and designing the way I like it! It also can be a complete look of what is expected until they come out of the kiln. So, it's a total surprise!
Each peice is an OOAK original and well never be dulicated!

These peices are for sale!

Wearable Jewelry Art Necklaces - $30.00 ea. (additional $4.00 s/h)

Handcrafted by Gypsie8Designs

I love my new friends/customers!

I made this special order for a customer, now my lovely friend :)

Here is what Ceane had to say:
My custom-ordered Apache Tears pendant came in today's post! How enchanting!The stones are just the right size for me, and they look as though sprinkled with faerie dust, such is their natural coloration! The piece is at once lacy and magickal-- truly enchanting, and the best part of it are the energies Gypsie Artist infused therein...! I was blown away when I opened my package! Though I fancy myself a word-master, there really are no words that can express my gratitude, my joy, my love for this very special creation infused with so much love and healing power that I can actually FEEL! This woman is a true healer, artiste, and enchantress of the very best kind. She is replete with love! Thank you, Gypsie, and blessings 3X3X3 back to you for your kindness to me!

Thanks so much Ceane! Your order was a real blast to design and add great magick to it as well! I am so glad we connected & now friends!!

Peace & love ~Gypsie <3

Herbs, Oils, & Candles For Enchanted Candles

Today, I have been working on grinding (with my mortal/pestal) a mixture of magickal herbs and applying my magickal oils to my new Enchanted "LoVe" spell candles.

They are fully loaded and charged with great magick!

What is special about these candles?
They have great magickal & positive energy that are in them! They have been loaded/dress with my herbs from my magickal place & enchanted oils. These oils/herb mixture can be purchased in our shop separtely - for your own use/purposes.

I put great visions/intent in my work just for you! I think we all deserve the best in life and want to help make great magick happen for you :) My family,friends, & customers are very special to me and think we all deserve all the good things in life!

Rose quartz crystal chips also been placed into the candle (mixed in the herbs). My crystals have been charged with the Lunar Full Moon. So, they are very powerful! These stones also have been soaked in distilled water, I placed my shells/stones/beach glass, I got from my very special UK friend, Julia McKenzie. She collected these shells for me & are from Devils Point & Wernbury Beach.

They smell wonderful & look very pretty ;)

Price of Enchanted Love spell candles - 14.00 (additional $3.00 s/h)

These are available for purchase, through Paypal -with this email:

I will be working on protection and other candles soon :) Watch my blog for upcoming candles!

Peace & love ~Gypsie <3

Inspired painting by a dream

First of all before the story begins on my painting, I wanna say: My mom & I don't get along very well in the past! Growing up the two of us was always arguing/fighting :(
Now, days we get along pretty good :) We see one another on rarely basis. Which works out for the best! Welove each other very much!! I have always know I am very special to her (as my sisters are too).
Meaning behind my painting by Gypsie
This painting was inspired by a dream I had. One night I woke up remembering what I dreamed & knew I was to paint it.
I had a dream, that I was as my moms and walking up her driveway....when all of a sudden it got really windy and the earth started shaking! My mom came running out of her house towards me. Yelling, Get down! Get down! Get down on the ground! This is it!
I listened to her words! THen, proceeded to lay flat (belly) down. She jumped on top of me and said, "Don't worry, I will save you"! I remember thinking....."THis is it! It is time for the world to end! I wasn't ready to die! I wished/wanted/needed my family with me!! There were so, many things running through my head! I remember feeling scared but feeling safe!
All of a sudden, this big giant ball of water came rolling/rumbling towards us and landing on top of us! I thought, oh shit, I don't know how to swim! Then, a thought accured to's going to be ok! My mom is my Angel and she will save me! We went under the ball of water (which I always wanna call Fire). Then, I woke up from the dream. Then, I kept hearing - that I am supposed to paint this! I didn't know how or what I was gonna do. But did succeed with how it was suposed to be done!
What does the images represent?
The big blue ball is water.
The middle image is an angel. The wings are doves - my mom and I both love doves! The one one the left is her, one on the right is me. In the center of the angels body is an infinity symbol. If you take her head and put it on the bottom of her - it completes the infinity symbol.
The yellow image is the infinity symbol.
The orange to me feels like energy going out!
I never believed or felt the world is going to end like they make it out to be! I believed that the world was going to end & new beginnings were coming! By this I mean....bad things in life where going to happen to bring more people together. Making new peace/love! That is where the new beginings start! We are all supposed to love one another in life! That is one of our life learning lessons & a big part in why we are here on earth!
This is how my "Dream Angels" where created! I hope you enjoy my dream story :)
Prints are availabe for $12.00, an additional $2.00 s/hPaypal accepted:
Blessings! Peace & love ~Gypsie <3