Monday, March 21, 2011

My Lenny R.I.P.


I just wanted to share some good times I had with Lenny :)

How I Started Making One Of A Kind (OOAK) Monkey Art Dolls

At the age of 21 I had our first baby, Tony Lee. We lived in the cities for a few years, I felt that the cities wasn't my thing! So, we decided to move out into the country :) Still here after 18 yrs and still loving it! It is so peaceful and beautiful!

Kevin and I are both have great connection to animals & love them!

It all started when I wanted ducks. We got into ducks, pheasants, and other birds.
Seeing we were a young couple and needed so extra money. We started breeding birds and hatching their eggs.
Then, we where going to different swaps and seeing all types of exotic birds.....lead us to exotic animal sales. Before you know it, we were raising all types of exotic birds/animals. From pheasants/ducks to fox, raccoon, prairie dogs, and much more!

I have always been fansinated with monkeys and wanted a monkey. After doing many months researching them and making sure it was what I really wanted. Along came Lenny, the ringtail lemmur, who needed a home and I adopted him.

The night we brought him home. I was so fansinated with him and could believe I really had a primate! The whole night I was up off and on. Going to his cage talking to him and petting him.
Morning came around..... we bonded! I brought him to the bathroom where no one could distract us and he couldn't get away. I sat on the toilet and he talked to me while he licked (groomed my eyebrows with his rough tongue - like a cat). From their on we where the bestest friends ever!

After having him for a few years, he got a brain tumor and past away :( I went through a hard time with that but moved on. I felt blessed to have had him in my life and I got to experience what it was like to have a real monkey. As I had always dreamed of owning one.

Several months went by after healing from Lenny passing away, Kevin got a call from a lady stating... that 2 young teen age sisters needed to find a home for a 1 year old baby white faced capuchin, that there mother left them with.
We ended up adopting him as well. His name was Gunner :)

I am going to end this post now and continue another time. I will finish telling my story in the next post. So stay tuned!

Love & light, Gypsie

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Medicine Bags & Native Doll

The past few days, I have been digging though my tote and came across these unfinished creations. It's been serveal years since their creations started. I am going to have to get them completed!

The finished medicine bag is my daughters :)

I will be listing these creations for sale as soon as they are completed!

Blessings, Gypsie <3


About 15 yrs. ago I used to make alot of native american art. At that time I had low self-esteem, not to mention major depression. I have always loved creating art (especially Native American) but never had the courage that I could sell it.
One day, I tried selling my items (native chockers, dreamcatchers, & head dresses) on ebay. Unfortunately, I had no success :( I even tried grouping several items together in a listing! Still no luck! Then, grouped everything together at very cheap price - still no luck selling! After several attempts of trying to sell my stuff, I got fustrated and was practically giving it away. I said "FUCK" it and threw it all away, into the garbage.

Today, I regret threwing away my creations and wish I could take that day back! Seeing I can't..... I look as it as a learning experience and know there is a reason for everything :)

The only one left, is the one I made for my dolly :) Which I am thankful she still has it hanging in her room! I also am glad that my aunt (who taught me how to make dreamcatchers) gave me one that she made for me, last year. I have hers hanging in my bedroom :)

I have went through alot of learning in my past life experience and love my life now :) I am so glad I still enjoy creating arts/crafts and continue growing! Today, I am a much stronger and better person :) I appreiate all the little things in life!

<3 Gypsie