Thursday, February 17, 2011

My New Natural Perfumes

My New Natural Perfumes
From: dreammonkeys February 16, 2011 12 views

My perfumes are made with pure essential oils, all natural ingredients. To find out more about my perfumes and specials coming up, please visit my blog:

Newest hand blended perfumes I am talking about are:
*Moroccan Mystique (exotic), *Chill Out (relaxation), *Gaia (made specially for moms) & *Tranquility (relaxation)

My perfumes are also charged with crystals/stones for added protection. Let the magick begin!
These are very healing and can help & bring you: happiness, inspiration, & relaxation.

Dare to be unique with my Exotics perfumes. Escape to another world!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

New Perfume Fragances are Here!

Today I made 4 new perfume fragrances: Moroccan Mystique (exotic), Gaia (special mommy perfume - just in time for mother's day), Chill Out (relaxing), & Tranquility (relaxing)

Try a sample vial bottle for ONLY $4.00 ea. I also have 6 ml bottles available for $28.00 ea. Coming soon in my Etsy shop!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

NEW Prayer Necklaces

I am so excited about my new prayer necklaces! These are my own designs ;) The prayer boxes open and will come with hand custom size paper. Paper used to write out your prayers, then place inside the prayer box! I used special stones to design these beautiful necklaces. As stones have different meanings and draw different energies.

PRICE: $68.00 additional $6.00 S/H

This necklace brings wealth, properity, & abundance to your life! I used aventine, citrine, tiger eye, malicite - as well as other stones/beads. Stones/beads are hand wrapped in copper/silver-tone . ONLY 1 made so far!! I will be listing it on etsy soon!

PRICE: $68.00 Additional $6.00 S/H

This necklace will bring "Love" to your life! I used rose quartz, tiger eye, czech glass, pink peal beads, copper beads/chain. Coming soon to my Etsy Shop! ONLY 1 made - don't miss out!

Gypsie8 Jewelry Designs are made with loving energy!!
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New "LOVE" Perfumes Just in time for VALENTINES!

Hand blended 100% natural perfumes/colognes
by Gypsie8 Designs

I am happy to announce my new his & hers "Love" cologne/perfume, called "Lovers Romance". While you're wearing this loving scent, it will draw a loving energy and gives you a sensational romantic feeling! Connecting you and your sweetheart closer then ever before!

Dare to bring lust to your romantic love life with my new "Love" perfumes!

I have a special just for "Valentines Day"! When you purchase 2 of my lovers perfume, I will include one of my "Ardour" love perfume samples for FREE! This special will end one week from Valentines day.
By Gypsie8 Designs
My perfumes are hand blended with loving energy and all natural ingredience! Other perfume/cologne scents available. Visit my website for more info.
Sample vials only $4.00 ea. Please add $2.00 S/H
PAYPAL Accepted:
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Handcrafted Earrings In My Etsy Shop

I have made some more magickal earrings! These earrings are just in time for Valentines day ;-) The are made with special love/postitity!!

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