Saturday, October 22, 2011

Meditation Classes At "The Crafty Castle"

Meet my friend, Igal
About 4 yrs. ago or so (on my journey) I met Igal, at a spiritual shop. called The Monarch. From there we became friends on Facebook.
After connecting in person for the 2nd time, at  The Monarch, located in Northfeild, MN - at a meditation class . He introduced me to his lovely wife, Alli. Alli & I became great friends. We talked about dreams and all kinds of spiritual things. Which came in perfect timing! Shortly after seeing all the magick manifest, we opened The Crafty Castle. We have so many interesting ideas and know our connection is so right on!
Igal is a Reiki Master/Teacher and will be teaching at "The Crafty Castle" - Soon!
In the near future, Igal will have a meditation cd that you can purchase at the castle. He has a great gift and loving energy. Igal has also gift with a warm & nurturing voice that makes you escape away to another world. Check out our website for details & classes.
Meditation classes will be held on every other Sat. in the mornings. We hope you can join us :)
Namaste ~Gypsie


Making it work, with what you got & bringing dreams to reality

 Welcome to "The Crafty Castle". I have always dreamed of owning my own shop! I love creating artwork, making magickal potions/perfumes, & sculpting. My daughter also follows her moms footsteps and is an artist also :D
For the past 3 or 4 yrs. I have been looking at space for rent, in different areas near our home. I found some great spots but just really didn't feel right! Not to mention......the big expenses! Which totally put a stop to that! One day, I was thinking and asking, Where should I have our shop?? So, I could afford it? I your basement! I thought OMG that's it! It's FREE empty space & free utilities. I really could use this empty space & make something fabulous with it! So, That's what we did! We now have a shop in our home basement and it's looking sooo good!

 We had our GRAND OPENING Oct. 19th, 2011. We did really good and met so many nice people. They where telling us how magickal it felt and how nice it was! And....will be back with family/friends :)

At "The Crafty Castle", you can find great unique/rare gift ideas! OOAK paintings/prints, OOAK art dolls/sculptures, hand crafted natural healing perfumes, vintage items/clothing, metaphysical items/hoodoo/spell oils, candles, herbs, resins and much more!

 Our mind is always creating new ideas, so our shop will always be changing better & better each time you visit us at the castle!
Our Castle is located in Kenyon, Minnesota. We look forward to seeing you!

Our goal is to eventually move out of our home into a shop in a town close to home. Then, branch more castles though out the US & the UK. We are dreaming big and we will manifest! We are thankful for what we have & making dreams real! I hope we can inspire you to make you dreams come true ;)

If you are not near us, you can place your order off our website:

The Crafty Castle
5209 520th St.
Kenyon, Mn 55946

Phone: (612) 454-7300

Magickal Blessings & Angel Hugs! Blessed be ~Gypsie

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Co-Creating Our Reality (100 Day Challenge)

Join my friends & I on Co-Creating Our Reality (CCOR). Set your goals for a 100 Day Challenge. See what you manifest in these 100 days :) 

Add me as your friend:

Love & light ~Gypsie <3

Friday, October 7, 2011

1960's Harvey Berlin Dress Designed by Karen Stark

 I found a wonderful vintage dress on one of my treasure hunts! This is a Harvey Berlin Designed by Karen Stark.
 I believe it is a early 60's vintage dress. Made of a polyester type material. The fabric is heavy duty and has a nice satin lining. It's make is great quality and high quality material!
 Here is a close up picture. It has a zipper in back for easy getting into or off.

This is a picture of the inside on the bottom hem. Isn't it beautiful?  I just love the lace and the lining is fabulous!!

I research this dress/designer and found this. This not my statement - it's someone else's!  I just wanted to share :)

Harvey Berin opened his business in 1921, and by the 1940s his was an important name in lady’s clothing. His designer was Karen Stark, who was the sister of Berin’s wife, Augusta. Stark adapted the latest styles from Paris each season. And even though Stark did the designing, Berin approved or rejected each design. They were best known for their feminine dresses and ensembles. Berin was a favorite of several First Ladies, including Pat Nixon and Ladybird Johnson. Harvey Berin closed in 1970.
“I like dramatic clothes for evening and uncluttered clothes for daytime. I like to use beautiful fabrics and unusual trimmings. I design for everyone – short women, tall women – but always very feminine women.” Karen Stark, 1966
Written by Lizzie Bramlett,

This is for sale but not sure how much just yet :) Thanks for looking! Be sure to check back as I will be posting more blogs often! Love & light ~Gypsie <3

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall/Winter Outfit Available at The Crafty Castle

Putting together fabulous pieces together, at "The Crafty Castle", also known as TCC! We sell designer used a bit clothing, at great prices:) I will be posting some of our get fall fashions and other shop gift ideas here!

This sweater is adorable and great for those cold fall/winter months! The length is long with a hoodie - perfect for those days you want to snuggle, while sipping a hot cup of tea or coffee. Matches great with this brown colored cotton top! Love the little lace peeking out, it really adds to this outfit! We added a dk. brown purse is made of suede and a fun wester type belt. Jeans or leggings both look great! And.....this beautiful handcrafted cross necklace by Tyler (store owner/employee) - really sets it off! This can be outfit can be worn with or without a belt. All these fabulous pieces can be found at "The Crafty Castle - until sold! Once items are sold, they are gone and will not be replaced. So, hurry and place your order with us!

Sweater: "Wet Seal" - 55% ramie, 30% acrylic, 10% mohair PRICE: $32
Brown top: "Vanity" - 97% rayon, 3% spandex PRICE: $19
Silver Tab Jeans: washed/worn/torn by manufacture, 98% cotton, 2% spandex Size: 26/32 PRICE: $59

Hand Crafted Cross necklace by Tyler, One of a kind PRICE: $60.00
Boho Purse: dk brown, 100% patch suede leather, lining, 100% polyester PRICE: $39
Belt: western type,  PRICE: $14.

Orders online can be place with paypal to this email:

For more info. about TCC, visit our website:

"The Crafty Castle" Big Grand Opening - In Minnesota

All my life I have dreamed of owning my own shop! I love creating art and finding rare or unique items. In the past few years I have been checking out space rent in Faribault, Owatonna, Northfeild, & even in our home town of Kenyon.  With all the expenses of my passions....renting space is out of the question at this time. As I can't afford it yet. I asked myself - how am I going to make my dream happen? I thought about it and then it came to me. The answer was: "My basement"! I have all that extra space, it's free rent/electric, it's close to home & don't have to drive! A country home with a shop in it - what an awesome idea!!


Today, I am excited to announce that we will be opening a new shop called, "The Crafty Castle." We are a spiritual shop! We carry handmade items, vintage, candle holders, artwork, healing perfume oils, clothing, and much more! We are located in Kenyon, Mn (1 hour south of the twin cities).  A great place to shop, if you're looking for unique or rare items.

OPEN HOUSE - OCT. 19TH (WED.) 2011

Store Hours: 10 am - 5 pm
Days Open: Wed. - Fri.

The Crafty Castle
5209 520th St.
Kenyon, Mn  55946


WEBSITE: (may change site name soon to: