Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TCC New Location Coming Soon

We excited to announce that we are moving to a new location, Faribault, Mn

We have been looking for some space for the past 3 yrs. to sell our artwork, fashion, vintage, & perfumes. Now finally found a space that feels right & really good!! This is perfect & we love everything about it! Things are falling into place & the space came a lot sooner then we expected :D So, happy about that!

 An extra room for the "Vintage Room"

 Really loving the brick! I have always wanted our boutique to have brick walls :D
 The windows are PERFECT & so big& beautiful!

 We will be right next to "The Cheese Cave"
Every Castle needs gates, don't they :) 
Last but not least, Look what's across the street.....are really cool art gallery!

And.......OMG I am in love/obsessed with this ceiling!! <3 <3 <3

All our signs are here, everything is falling into place & just perfect!! I would love to hear your comments :) Peace & love ~Gypsie 

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Crafty Castle is getting make over

I have been dreaming of having our very own shop for my daughter (Tyler) & I. After several years of dreaming./searching....with rent being to expensive/utilities, finding where it should be, driving in bad winter weather, people telling me we live to far & people probably wouldn't want to come to a farm, ect.... the list goes on! By shutting out/icnoring all that and listening to my in ding (as Louis L. Hay calls it).....we finally opened "The Crafty Castle". It's right inside our home (right in our basement).
Our Grand Opening was Sept. 14th, 2011. We have been going through a lot of rough ups and downs but that hasn't stopped us! It's only making the Castle more and more unique & bringing better/brighter ideas!
Everyday, I am thinking about new ideas/creations. I love designing and having everything organized. But with all my art boxes and stuff.....I been putting things where they didn't belong. I needed to get this boutique up and going! So, this is what happened and now I am fixing my mess lol
Lucky we are only open to the public Wed. It is giving me time to organize and get things where they belong! 
 This is the entry to "The Crafty Castle". It still needs to finish being painted, & artwork to hang :)
 Front of our boutique

Merchandise organizing, pricing almost complete...then can go on the shelves :)
"The Vintage Room". Cleaning out a closet, making room for more items & needs to be painted before we can do anything!

Other side of "The Vintage". This is where my boxes of art will be stored. After going through them and organizing.
More stuff to go through! I love recycling and will make so really cool things! lol
More art things to organize & go through!
This room I need to share with my lover. He needs somewhere to put his fishing stuff and antiques.  So I am organizing his stuff too! 
On the far right corner - is for Kevin's fishing things :) I would love to have art classes here! So, my goal is to get things in order so I can teach!
Another area I need to clean! 

I really am blessed/thankful that we have the space to create our dreams! Believe in your dreams, create them, feed them and watch them grow! I hope I can inspire you to go for your dreams! They day they don't come true.....means you have choice to give them up!!
Magickal Blessings ~Gypsie <3