Saturday, October 22, 2011

Meditation Classes At "The Crafty Castle"

Meet my friend, Igal
About 4 yrs. ago or so (on my journey) I met Igal, at a spiritual shop. called The Monarch. From there we became friends on Facebook.
After connecting in person for the 2nd time, at  The Monarch, located in Northfeild, MN - at a meditation class . He introduced me to his lovely wife, Alli. Alli & I became great friends. We talked about dreams and all kinds of spiritual things. Which came in perfect timing! Shortly after seeing all the magick manifest, we opened The Crafty Castle. We have so many interesting ideas and know our connection is so right on!
Igal is a Reiki Master/Teacher and will be teaching at "The Crafty Castle" - Soon!
In the near future, Igal will have a meditation cd that you can purchase at the castle. He has a great gift and loving energy. Igal has also gift with a warm & nurturing voice that makes you escape away to another world. Check out our website for details & classes.
Meditation classes will be held on every other Sat. in the mornings. We hope you can join us :)
Namaste ~Gypsie


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