Friday, October 7, 2011

1960's Harvey Berlin Dress Designed by Karen Stark

 I found a wonderful vintage dress on one of my treasure hunts! This is a Harvey Berlin Designed by Karen Stark.
 I believe it is a early 60's vintage dress. Made of a polyester type material. The fabric is heavy duty and has a nice satin lining. It's make is great quality and high quality material!
 Here is a close up picture. It has a zipper in back for easy getting into or off.

This is a picture of the inside on the bottom hem. Isn't it beautiful?  I just love the lace and the lining is fabulous!!

I research this dress/designer and found this. This not my statement - it's someone else's!  I just wanted to share :)

Harvey Berin opened his business in 1921, and by the 1940s his was an important name in lady’s clothing. His designer was Karen Stark, who was the sister of Berin’s wife, Augusta. Stark adapted the latest styles from Paris each season. And even though Stark did the designing, Berin approved or rejected each design. They were best known for their feminine dresses and ensembles. Berin was a favorite of several First Ladies, including Pat Nixon and Ladybird Johnson. Harvey Berin closed in 1970.
“I like dramatic clothes for evening and uncluttered clothes for daytime. I like to use beautiful fabrics and unusual trimmings. I design for everyone – short women, tall women – but always very feminine women.” Karen Stark, 1966
Written by Lizzie Bramlett,

This is for sale but not sure how much just yet :) Thanks for looking! Be sure to check back as I will be posting more blogs often! Love & light ~Gypsie <3

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