Saturday, October 22, 2011

Making it work, with what you got & bringing dreams to reality

 Welcome to "The Crafty Castle". I have always dreamed of owning my own shop! I love creating artwork, making magickal potions/perfumes, & sculpting. My daughter also follows her moms footsteps and is an artist also :D
For the past 3 or 4 yrs. I have been looking at space for rent, in different areas near our home. I found some great spots but just really didn't feel right! Not to mention......the big expenses! Which totally put a stop to that! One day, I was thinking and asking, Where should I have our shop?? So, I could afford it? I your basement! I thought OMG that's it! It's FREE empty space & free utilities. I really could use this empty space & make something fabulous with it! So, That's what we did! We now have a shop in our home basement and it's looking sooo good!

 We had our GRAND OPENING Oct. 19th, 2011. We did really good and met so many nice people. They where telling us how magickal it felt and how nice it was! And....will be back with family/friends :)

At "The Crafty Castle", you can find great unique/rare gift ideas! OOAK paintings/prints, OOAK art dolls/sculptures, hand crafted natural healing perfumes, vintage items/clothing, metaphysical items/hoodoo/spell oils, candles, herbs, resins and much more!

 Our mind is always creating new ideas, so our shop will always be changing better & better each time you visit us at the castle!
Our Castle is located in Kenyon, Minnesota. We look forward to seeing you!

Our goal is to eventually move out of our home into a shop in a town close to home. Then, branch more castles though out the US & the UK. We are dreaming big and we will manifest! We are thankful for what we have & making dreams real! I hope we can inspire you to make you dreams come true ;)

If you are not near us, you can place your order off our website:

The Crafty Castle
5209 520th St.
Kenyon, Mn 55946

Phone: (612) 454-7300

Magickal Blessings & Angel Hugs! Blessed be ~Gypsie


  1. The shop looks great, Gypsie! I'll bet the energy is good there too! Best, best wishes for much success!

  2. Thank you so much Besty! You are love my friend :) <3