Thursday, February 17, 2011

My New Natural Perfumes

My New Natural Perfumes
From: dreammonkeys February 16, 2011 12 views

My perfumes are made with pure essential oils, all natural ingredients. To find out more about my perfumes and specials coming up, please visit my blog:

Newest hand blended perfumes I am talking about are:
*Moroccan Mystique (exotic), *Chill Out (relaxation), *Gaia (made specially for moms) & *Tranquility (relaxation)

My perfumes are also charged with crystals/stones for added protection. Let the magick begin!
These are very healing and can help & bring you: happiness, inspiration, & relaxation.

Dare to be unique with my Exotics perfumes. Escape to another world!

Perfumes available in my Etsy Shop:


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