Sunday, March 20, 2011


About 15 yrs. ago I used to make alot of native american art. At that time I had low self-esteem, not to mention major depression. I have always loved creating art (especially Native American) but never had the courage that I could sell it.
One day, I tried selling my items (native chockers, dreamcatchers, & head dresses) on ebay. Unfortunately, I had no success :( I even tried grouping several items together in a listing! Still no luck! Then, grouped everything together at very cheap price - still no luck selling! After several attempts of trying to sell my stuff, I got fustrated and was practically giving it away. I said "FUCK" it and threw it all away, into the garbage.

Today, I regret threwing away my creations and wish I could take that day back! Seeing I can't..... I look as it as a learning experience and know there is a reason for everything :)

The only one left, is the one I made for my dolly :) Which I am thankful she still has it hanging in her room! I also am glad that my aunt (who taught me how to make dreamcatchers) gave me one that she made for me, last year. I have hers hanging in my bedroom :)

I have went through alot of learning in my past life experience and love my life now :) I am so glad I still enjoy creating arts/crafts and continue growing! Today, I am a much stronger and better person :) I appreiate all the little things in life!

<3 Gypsie

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