Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What Inspires Me To Sculpt OOAK Monkey Art Dolls?

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The answer is -- the love and passion I have for monkeys! I am a complete monkey nut!!! I have always dreamed of having my very own monkey.

Several years later, my dream came true, with my first ringtail lemur "Lenny". He needed a home because his owner no longer could care for him. We ended up adopting him. Lenny and I bonded instantly! I had Lenny for almost a year. He sadly past away from a brain tumor:-( It was one of the sadest days in my life -- the day I had to sign the papers, to have him put to sleep. But needed to do what was best for him! I couldn't watch him suffer anymore!
My heart had a big huge hole in it for several month after his passing. I cried for days!

Then, I met "Gunner"-- my handsome white faced capuchin.

One evening we got a phone call from a teenage girl. She said her mom left their family and a baby monkey, that they could no longer take care of. I was so excited and couldn't wait to see my new baby, Gunner -- aka Zeek, at the time. I had to change his name! LOL The day we picked Gunner up, he was very scared and craddled in his baby blanket, as he made churping noises. Sounding very much like a bird. Gunner and I bonded instantly as well.

I have learned alot from this monkey - the hard way! Which I am glad cuz if I didn't I wouldn't have the knowledge I have today:-)

Having Gunner helped heal my broken heart, that ached for Lenny.
5 yrs. later go by and I still have my precious little guy! Gunner has a capuchin friend, named Hailee! She was rescued 3 yrs. ago.

I feel very blessed to have saved these precious primates and the knowledge it takes to work with them and take care of them. I did lots of research on monkeys before I even thought about rescuing them. I made sure that this was something I really wanted to do and not just my passion I have for monkeys!

Primates require alot of time, knowledge, proper diet, ect..... Not to mention they have a 30 yr. or more life span. I have a great gift for working with primates. Which I am thankful for!

I plan to create artwork (paintings) with Gunner in the near future. Follow my blog to see updated info.

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xoox Gypsie

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