Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My New Shoppe - "The Crafty Castle" Coming Soon!!! Located in Minnesota

I am excited about my new shoppe - called, "The Crafty Castle" AKA "TCC"! This is a dream come true! I recently decided to have it in my home. This will be nice to have my shoppe in right in my own home. I won't have to worry about driving in the bad weather or step out into the cold:-) Plus, it costs alot to rent, heat, electricity, ect....

I have to say I am scared about opening it up to the public. Fear of not having customers or anyone buying anything - basically all those neg. thoughts that stop us going for our dreams. I have decided to put that all aside and stay open to my positive side, so I can succeed and make my dreams to come true! I am very greatful to have the extra space right in my own home!!!!

My shoppe is still under construction but hope to open very soon for business. I will add updates on my finished shop and let you know how I am doing!

Blessed Be, Gypsie xoox


  1. Dear Gypsie, I absolutely love the idea about the shop ! I am very happy for you ! I know happy you must be, it's my dream as well to have my own atelier and new age shop... wow.. it's great !

    p.s. I left instructions for you under your comment on my blog, I hope it helps :)


  2. Hi Nesca! Thank you so much!! You are very sweet! I am sure you will have your shoppe one day too:-) Never loose hope! Blessed be, Gypsie xoox