Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My 15 yr. Old Daughter's Wall Mural Art

My beautiful, loving, and talented daughter -- Artist: TYLER JO

The first image my daugher did last year. It's on her school wall. The 2nd one she did just a couple months ago. This one is on her wall in her bed room. She is very talented!!! I love her work and so proud of her!!! She races 4 wheeler and is on her way to going pro, as it is her dream. The money she gets for her artwork.....she plans using for her racing career. She has a Etsy:

Web Site:


  1. Hi Gypsie! your daughter looks just like you !!! Beautiful! I want to tell you that I have an award for your blog on my blog,all the best!

  2. Hi Nesca! Thanks for your lovely comment! You just made my day!! I am very excited to see what my award is:-) I checking it out in just a min. I appreciate you! Thank you so much!!! Sending you bright blessing my friend:-) xoox Gypsie