Thursday, September 29, 2011

Recently I started designing my new line of "Enchanted Witchy Bracelets". Thanks to my fb friend/customer, Ceane - a history book writter. She wanted me to design her a witchy bracelet. Something unique/rare with a boost of magic! Just my cup of tea & up my ally ;) This my friends I did!! She loves each piece dearly and often posts nice comments to my fb page....letting everyone know how magickal they are and how much she loves my creations. I have created 3 of them for her and 1 for another friend of mine.

What's special about my bracelets:
They are very magickal. I infuse them with great magick! Charging each piece on my altar of a bed of my special stones/crystals, that have been charge on full moons (including the lunar eclipse full moon) & special rituals. Blessing them and also adding reiki energy into them - balances the chakras, adding healing power to the new owner. Not to mention......I am a natural born healer myself and while I create these magical pieces, I pour great amounts of love & healing energy - I over flow with love & love pouring it out and sharing with everyone! You will feel great energy while wearing my designs.

I love to go to witchy shops and choose stones for my designs. This fills my heart with excitement and joy, knowing that the special stones are going to the right owners. I feel that that each stone will travel to their correct destination, through me.
You see....I believe stones/crystals choose use! I have a great gift of hearing the stones calling out to me!

I love to create these bracelets in 3's (like 3 rows, 3 colors, 3 of each piece in a row...ect.). # 3 is a very lucky/magickal number. I also love # 8.

The bracelet in the photo is available - $86.00 
Moonstone, rose quartz, and green moss stones 

Notice: I have a pix with a little info. of my bed of charged stones and altar. Be sure to check it out! Please help spread the word about my designs/creations :) I love and appreciate you!

I love my special gifts and love sharing it with everyone in this wonderful world :)

Peace & love ~Gypsie <3

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