Sunday, December 20, 2009

My New Art Supplies And A Few Of My New Creations

Last week I went to Hobby Lobby (My FAVORITE place ever) and got some new art supplies.

This is epoxy, which is used to make pendants. I got a mold and mold release. Soon I will be designing new pendants for my jewerly.

I love pottery clay but don't have a kiln at this time. I found some potty clay that doesn't need to be fired -- YAY!!!! Was very happy to find this:-) Below is a picture of the clay I used to make this monkey. I made him out of the pottery clay, than painted him with acrylic paints. Soon, I will be adding a sealer to seal him.

The sculpt in this picture, is something I am working at this time. I will share a blog as soon I am finished with her creation. I used the pottery clay and then painted her. I am new to the porcelain clay.....bought a couple packs to try it out. I plan to make pendants out of this clay. The paper clay is what I use to make my vintage snowmen. So, I had to get more of this -- Love this stuff!!

Some cool looking scrap booking paper I picked up in town, from "The Secret Window". It is a now scrap booking shop and had to visit it yesterday.

Thanks for visiting my blog page! Peace, xoox Gypsie

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